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3D tour of Ancient Kiev
3d tour
We work every day
every weekend – entertaining program
Ancient Kyiv
center of Eastern Europe civilization!
every day
Park opens: 10:00 - 18:00
Full ticket: 100 UAH
Children's ticket: 60 UAH
Opening the residence
of New Year
ny tale04
Park opens: from 10:00
Start program: 13:00
The ticket price: 190 UAH 170 UAH until December 08190 UAH, 150 UAH and 80 UAH
St. Nicholas
nikolay meeting
Park opens: from 10:00
Start program: 13:30
The ticket price: 190 UAH 170 UAH until December 12, 150 UAH and 80 UAH
New Year program
"Fairytale city"
ny tale01
Park opens: from 10:00
Start program: 13:30
The ticket price: 190 UAH 170 UAH until December 13, 150 UAH and 80 UAH


December 2019
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Princely stable

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Winter fairytale

Winter fairytale in Ancient Kiev

2019 December, 14 - 2020 January 12

Show program for adults and children

The "New Year's fairy tale" show-program and the real New Year's mystery will be held in Ancient Kiev in the Principality of Kievan Rus during the Christmas and the New Year holidays. From December 14th, 2019 till January 12rd, 2020 characters will replace each other depending on the subject of the holidays.

Relax princely in Ancient Kyiv

Мастер-классы в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Historical fencing
  • Pottery
  • Blacksmithing
Конюшня в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Horseback riding
  • Carriage rides
  • Horseback archery
Праздники в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
Экскурсии в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Excursions in the park
  • Excursion to the stables
  • Horseback tour
Эксклюзивные услуги в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Balloon flight
  • Medieval safari
  • Princely feast
Проживание в Парке Киевская Русь


  • Apartments
  • Hostel
  • Camping on the territory


in Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park"

Владимир Владимирович Янченко
Author and ideologue,
Candidate of Historical Sciences,
Grand Prince of Ancient Kyiv,
President of "The Kievan Rus Park"
Volodymyr Volodimirovich Janchenko

Ancient Kyiv in "The Kievan Rus Park" - a center of culture and history of Ancient Rus. This reconstruction of cultural and architectural image of Detinets Kyiv of the V-XIII centuries in its historical size, covers an area of 10 hectares, and create the atmosphere of Kievan Rus. All the scientific knowledge available today are taken into consideration.

Ancient Kyiv in "The Kievan Rus Park" - is an ambitious research project, which has no analogues in the world, to help Ukraine and the whole humanity to look into the origin of, the basics of life and spirit of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and as a result - to understand God's purpose concerning this holy Land.

Map for the reconstruction of Ancient Kiev
План реконструкция Древнего Киева
Kiev of the V-XIII centuries
  • built
  • in the project


Location Ancient Kiev

Ancient Kiev is not far away - just 45 minutes from Kiev!

Kopachiv, Obukhiv district, Kiev region, Ukraine

For additional information, please, contact us by the following phone numbers: from 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m., according to Kiev time.

+ 38 050 385-20-35

+ 38 050 385-20-35

GPS coordinates:

Google maps:
+50° 8' 44.31", +30° 28' 26.90" ( 50.145642, 30.474139)

Yandex maps:
50°8′44.31″ 30°28′26.9″ ( 50.145642, 30.474139)