Pancake week (Masliana) in Ancient Kyiv

Rest in Ancient Kiev
Dates: 29 February 2020 - 01 March 2020
Park open: 10:00 - 21:00

Place: Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus  |  City: Kopachov, Ukraine

Pancake week (Masliana, Maslenitsa) in Ancient Kyiv

On February, 29 and March 01, beginning at 13.30

Pancake week (Masliana, Maslenitsa) in the «Kievan Rus Park» – is a really joyful celebration surrounded with unique architecture and with plunging into the atmosphere of the real Middle Ages. Our ancestors knew how to have fun and in the Ancient Kiev we respect the age-old traditions. Here different games and competitions will take place together with theatrical stagings with the participance of the horse-trick and pedestrian theatre of the «Kievan Rus Park» with special effects and a fire show.

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The holiday history:

Pancake week (Masliana, Maslenitsa) in Rus symbolized the coming of spring and the awakening of nature. Ancient Slavs celebrated the "winter send-off" and the beginning of spring and spring farming. On this day the Sun, which brought the warmth and awakened the nature was honored, that`s why the sacrificial bread looking like this celestial body- a pancake was prepared.

First mentions about Pancake week (Masliana, Maslenitsa) in our ancestor`s calendars are dated with IV c. A.C. (by the way, in the calendars of the v. Romashki of the Kievan region and the v. Lepesovka – modern Hmelnitskiy region). The holiday was actively celebrated not only in the pagan period but also after the introduction of Christianity by prince Volodymyr in the year 988.

The celebration program:

The program will start with the solemn greeting of the Kievan prince Volodymyr. And in the same way as a thousand years ago during the prince`s greeting ceremony all the people will be generously treated with pancakes, bagels and other delicatessen. The Ancient Kiev guests are awaited by thrilling performances of the Princely troops: horse and pedestrian fights, the demonstration of the possession of all types of the medieval weapon and also horse tricks.

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From the entertainment for children and adults: a traditional Maslenitsa pole with prizes, tug-of-war, ancient Slavic games, friendly and joyful round dancings. For the victory in the interactives and competitions the guests of the Ancient Kiev will get treats and a lot of surprises. The celebration will end with the burning of a big Maslenitsa scarecrow and an enormous round dance around it.

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Also in the «Kievan Rus Park» you can:

  • Ride horses and in carriages
  • Shoot a bow or toss spears in a shooting range
  • Make a photo session in historical costumes
  • To enjoy pancakes with different fillings and other goodies
  • Buy handmade souvenirs and other good on the masters fair
  • Learn something new on numerous master-classes
Also everyone can feel real adrenalin visiting location of trolley "Politailo".
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poletailo 03
And of course you can taste delisious dishes in tavern.
keytering table appointments
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den rozhdenie
Also, you can stay for a night in a hotel-type house "4 rooms", which is in 5 minutes from Ancient Kyiv, or in a hostel.

*Book accommodation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or. +38050-385-20-35.

keytering table appointments

More information: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

Book tickets: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

You can buy tickets at the cash in the Park

*One ticket is valid for one person for one day of the event!

*Discounts can not be combined with other discounts and promotions Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park".

The price of admission includes

  1. View entertainment program throughout the day, including the equestrian theater performances
  2. Participation in the game programs for children and adults
  3. Participated in master classes of oriental dance and possession of medieval weapons
  4. Visiting the museum of historical costume
  5. Overview exhibitions Park (siege equipment, reconstruction of combat rook IX-XI centuries. "Prince Vladimir")
  6. Parking
  7. WC
  8. Other activities, declared the announcer during the day

The program may change!


+38044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Theatrical program
from 13:30
Buses from the subway Vydubychi
10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 (changes possible in the bus schedule)
Fare 40 UAH.
Buses from The Principality
11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00 (in saturday 20:00, 21:00) (changes possible in the bus schedule)
Fare 40 UAH.
Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus
Kopachov, Ukraine

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Ancient Kiev location



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