1. How to get to the Ancient Kiev in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

Ancient Kiev in the "Kievan Rus Park" is situated not far – only 45 min from Kiev!
Ukraine, Obukhivskiy district, Kievan region, vill. Kopachiv.
GPS coordinates Google Maps: +50° 8' 44.31", +30° 28' 26.90" ( 50.145642, 30.474139)

On weekends and festive days the route taxi leaves from the Vydybitchi metro station according to the schedule in the announcement of the chosen event. The parking is near the Fourchette supermarket.

The best way lies through Obukhiv. We pass the Obukhiv DD of GD and the City Council. Before the Department store we turn right (the pointer to Vasylkiv), after the "Polyok" bus stop we turn left, go till to the "Shevchenkove" bus stop where we turn right , enter Kopachiv and then follow the pointers to the Park.

2. Where is it possible to stay for the night in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

There are three possible variants:

  • The hotel-like house "4 rooms" (situated in a 5-minutes’ walk from the Ancient Kiev: 4 double rooms with all the conveniences – Wi-Fi, bath or shower, toilet, plasma, fireplace, banquet and play rooms)
  • Hostel (in a 10 –minutes’ walk from the Ancient Kiev, approximately 20 places)
  • The camping on the territory of the Ancient Kiev (double and four-tents with sleeping bags and sleeping pads, the shower on the territory of the complex). It is possible to bring your own tent.

The previous agreement with the Park administrator is required in case of the choice of any of these variants by tel. +38 050 385-20-35.

3. Is it possible to enter the "Kievan Rus Pa" territory with animals?

Yes, if the dog is on a leash. Big dogs enter the territory with a muzzle. It is not allowed to approach the horses with animals.

4. What is the entrance price? Discounts, take-offs for pensioneers, students, school children?

The price must be checked for the specific event (you can look in the Eventsmenu, under every event are indicated all the prices and discounts).

Usually the adult ticket – 200 UAH, for pensioners and students there is a discount – 150 UAH, for school children – 80 UAH, preschool children – free. Except the Call of Heroes Championship and the Centaurs festival.
For getting discounts it is obligatorily to show the document (the student or the school ticket, the pension certificate).

For those who have a birthday there is a bonus on the birthday day or during 7 days after: the free entrance, 1 circle on a horse for free. All their guests get a discount – up to 50% - for 100 UAH

The free entrance to the Ancient Kiev is also for: the inmates of the Children`s homes, boarding schools, disabled of the 1 and 2 groups, disabled from the childhood, the participants and veterans of the Second World War , the combatants , the ATO participants (in case of the corresponding document presentation).

5. Where can you eat in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

Either indoors where you can taste different types of the medieval kitchen dishes and not only or in the food kiosks where the food is prepared for takeaway . There are many tables on the territory where you can sit and have a meal.

6. Is it possible to rent a barbecue, tents?

You can rent and also you can bring your own ones after the previous agreement with the Ancient Kiev`s administration.

The tent and barbecue rent price check at the administrator +38 050 385-20-35.

7. What is it possible to do in the Ancient Kiev in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

Ancient Kiev works every day, on weekends and festive days – a cultural-entertaining program.

On weekends:
The program of events is on the website in the Event section. During the day from 13:30 the program from the pedestrian and the equestrian theatre takes place without a break on the tilting-yard. Also beginning from 10:00 different locations and master-classes start their work, the costume room works for the medieval costumes and equipment rent. You can shoot a bow and ride horses. The museums work. The food points work. You can order an excursion around the Ancient Kiev and other services at the Park administrator by tel. +38 050 385-20-35

On weekdays:
You can walk around the territory and see the masterpieces of the medieval architecture - the buildings of the Ancient Kiev of the Х c. Take photos and make a picnic. Walk to the Emerald lake. Also you can order an excursion around the Ancient Kiev, visit the museums of the historical costume, the medieval shipbuilding, the ancient Slavic architecture, dress into the historical clothing in the Ancient Kiev`s costume room , visit the shooting gallery and test your accuracy in the bow shooting or the knives tossing by previous arrangement with the Park administrator by tel. +38 050 385-20-35

8. Who is the author of the project, the president of the "Kievan Rus Park"?

The author and the ideologist, the Kievan prince, the president of the "Kievan Rus Park", the candidate of the historical sciences – Yanchenko Volodymyr Volodymyrovich..

Born in Kiev, he loves Ukraine and her capital, believes in the great future of our nation. Loves the culture and the traditions of Ukraine with all his heart, lives by their studying and re-creation.

The main purpose of Volodymyr Yanchenko is to get all the world to know about the greatness of Kiev and Ukraine-Rus. And that every habitant of the Earth would get interested in the deeper learning of the history and the ancient culture of our Motherland and, as a result, to visit Ukraine, Kiev personally.

9. Why is the Ancient Kiev being built in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

The main purpose of the project – is to show the Ancient Kiev of the V-XIII c. in full size by having re-created the atmosphere and the spirit of the great epoch.

Also another purpose of the project is to widen the picture of the world about the significance, the role and the influence of the Ancient Kiev, the Kievan Rus, Ukraine and all the Eastern Europe on the formation of the civilization in the past, the present and the future.

10. Is it possible to organize the company`s corporative celebration in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

For sure, yes. The "Kievan Rus Park" for more than 10 years has held over than 500 corporative celebrations. It is possible both for a small amount of co-workers and for big companies. According to your wish we will select the brightest and the most unforgettable corporative celebration variant with an interactive program, team-building games and medieval amusements.

You can leave the request for the corporative celebration leadthrough on the link

To get more information and order call +38 050 385-20-35.

11. Is it possible to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, a prom night and other events in the "Kievan Rus Park"?

For sure, yes. In the "Kievan Rus Park" it is possible to hold any event and any celebration taking into accordance all your wishes.

The main thing is that it will pass brightly, interestingly and with unique medieval amusements.

To get more information and order call +38 050 385-20-35.


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