The New Year night ,
which Ukraine has waited for 1000 years!
Ancient Kyiv: The Union of eras.

Celebrate the New Year night in Ancient Kyiv!

It remains till the New Year



Come to the grandiose New Year night celebration in Ancient Kyiv! On the night from December, 31 2019 from 20:00 to January, 1 2020 a bright show-program with gifts and treats for everyone, free horse riding, sweet presents for children and medieval tinctures for adults and fireworks will be waiting for you ! You have never had such a celebration in your life!

In the program:

  • Win-win lottery
  • Congratulations from the Kyivan Prince and Princess
  • Show-program from the Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden
  • Performances of singers from all over the world – lookalike show: Olya Polyakova, Nastya Kamenskih and Potap, Tik, Dzidzio, The Bremen Town Musicians etc.
  • Free sweets from the Prince
  • New Year masquerade of the fairytale, bylinas and cinema characters
  • Treat with medieval liqueurs for everyone (age category 18+)
  • Free horse riding
  • Horse-trick shows
  • Merry competitions, jokes and amusements
  • Interesting medieval games
  • Songs and dance flash mobs
  • Round dancings around the Christmas tree
  • New Year`s Eve with new acquaintances
  • Firework and an unforgettable fire show

New Year is the holiday of unbelievable miracles!
The special energy of Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of «Kyivan Rus» helps all your dreams and wishes come true.
Make wishes and they will surely turn into reality!

Where will it be possible to eat?

  • In the Princely Tavern (by previous reservation or if there are free tables)
  • In the small tavern, where you can taste medieval and modern drinks
  • In the open-air zone near the tavern
  • On the Princely tribunes
  • In the open-fire dishes preparation zone

Book the New Year dinner in the Princely tavern!

    The festive dinner on the night from December, 31 2019 to January, 1 2020:

  • For adults – till November, 10 2019 - 1999 UAH. (меню)
  • For adults - from November, 11 2019 - 2400 UAH. (меню)
  • For children – till November, 10 2019 - 1500 UAH.
  • For children – from November, 11 2019 - 2000 UAH.
  • Festive dinner in the zone near the tavern from December, 31 2019 г. to January, 1 2020 – 1500 UAH.

If you book a dinner you get a free entrance to Ancient Kyiv!

Enjoy tasty dishes in a unique place.

This banquet is not an ordinary feast but a real adventure in the heart of the Kyivan Rus - in Ancient Kyiv!

The food for the princely banquet will be prepared by the best princely cooks for you to celebrate the New Year 2020 both bright and tasty.

The price of the dinner includes:

  • Hot meal, salad, cold snacks The Kyivan Prince himself will gift you a bottle of champagne!

But, as you know, not by bread alone … Apart from the treats the Kyivan Prince will gift you various amusements. During the celebration you will be congratulated by real fairytale characters!

Hurry up to take a place in the Princely Tavern. The number of seats is limited!

There is no better place near Kyiv to celebrate the New Year 2020!

If you book a dinner you get a FREE entrance to Ancient Kyiv for the New Year night!

Where it will be possible to warm up?

You can warm up:

  • In the Princely Tavern (by previous reservation or if there are free tables)
  • In the small tavern, where you can taste medieval and modern drinks
  • In round dances, dances and competitions on the Big tilting-yard during the program
  • In the special heating zones with fire from medieval bowls which will be located all around the territory of Ancient Kyiv
  • In the Main Santa Claus residence
  • During the horseback riding on the Princely horses

Where to stay for the night?

By previous booking you can stay:

  • In a hotel-type house «4 rooms» (5 min walk from Ancient Kyiv ).

    Room price:

    • 3500 UAH - from December, 31 to January, 1
    • 2000 UAH - from January, 1 to January, 2

    Whole house rent:

    • 14 000 UAH - from December, 31 to January, 1
    • 10 000 UAH - from January, 1 to January, 2
    • 8 000 UAH - from January, 2 to January, 3

    The house includes: fireplace, banquet and play rooms, 4 luxury double rooms with Wi-Fi, conditioners, shower rooms, plasma)

  • Princely room - 2 500 UAH per day (double room with a bedroom, shower and dining rooms, microwave, refrigerator, TV, conditioner)
  • In a hostel (10 min walk from Ancient Kyiv, 400 UAH. per person, after January, 1 300 Uah)
  • VIP-room of medieval entourage - 2500 UAH for room
  • Medieval entourage room - 1000 UAH for room
  • We facilitate the accommodation in the hotels of Obukhiv and Vasylkiv by previous booking
hostel 04
hostel 05
hostel 06

Come to us in a carnival suit and join the bright celebration!

The price of the ticket to Ancient Kyiv on December, 31 2019:

  • • For adults - 395 UAH

  • • For pensioners and students - 250 UAH

  • • For schoolchildren - 150 UAH

  • • For preschool children – for Free

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of Ancient Kiev on the day of the event. If you want to celebrate New Year cheap - take part in promotions!

Free parking. Entrance for pets- free,
the dogs must be on a leash and muzzled.

The route buses timetable

From the Vydybitchi metro station

21:00, 22:00

Ticket price 50 UAH.

From Ancient Kyiv

01:00, 02:00
(on January, 1 the route taxi leaves if there are 10 passengers)

Ticket price 50 UAH.

vill. Kopachiv, Obukhivskiy district, Kyivan region (not far - 34 km from Kyiv)

+38 (044) 461-99-37, +38 (050) 385-20-35

Still thinking where to celebrate New Year?
Come to the Principality of "Kyivan Rus" to celebrate New Year brightly and joyfully!