The Ivan Kupala holiday

The Principality of Kyivan Rus invites everybody to the festivities which will be taking place on the night from July, 6 to July, 7 and on the weekend on July, 09 and 10. A bright program based on ancient rites, horse riding, horse-trick shows, tasty dishes and medieval master-classes, a rest on the beach of the Forest lake, a possibility to stay for the night in the unique rooms of medieval entourage and much more will be waiting for you exactly in Ancient Kyiv!

On Ivan Kupala Ancient Kyiv will invite the guests to take part in an exciting quest – the search of a fern. And during the whole day from 14:00 and till the very night a theatric program from the horse-trick theatre of Ancient Kyiv and the recreation of ancient rites will be waiting for the guests.

Surely, what a holiday of Ivan Kupala without wreaths? You can, of course, bring them with you. But everyone who won’t have this Kupala attribute will have a wonderful opportunity to weave a wreath for Ivan Kupala right on place. Even if you have never done this before, the inhabitants of Ancient Kyiv will both provide you with field flowers and teach you the wreath weaving technique. It will be possible to launch the wreaths on water on the Forest lake not far from the Dytynetz of Kyiv.

The Ivan Kupala holiday has always been the holiday of love, relaxedness, acquaintances. In Ancient Kyiv it will be proposed to get acquainted in a game form in round dances and games as well. Those who have already found their love will get to know with the help of ancient fortune-telling whether they will marry this year. And those who are still searching for their love are awaited by a mysterious rite of divination on the betrothed. The evening program will be very bright because the bonfires will light up and all the willing ones will have a chance to jump over them – alone or in pairs. It is believed that the bonfire lit on the Ivan Kupala night cleanses from adversity and disease. That is why you should use the opportunity to burn all the negative and renew. Burning of the Kupala scarecrow will be the apogee of the fire extravaganzas. All the adversity will burn away with this big straw doll and the merry round dances around the bonfire will give an unbelievable charge of positive.

In the evening an especially rich program near the Forest lake will be waiting for the guests. It will be possible to take part in a mass round dance around the lake, surrounded by torches, launch the wreaths on water and enjoy the burning of the scarecrow after what to take part in the jumping over the bonfire.

The events program

July, 6: the beginning of the program from 18:00, the end of the program at 01:00, Kupala disco 01:00-03:00.

July, 09: the beginning of the program at 14:00, the end of the program at 01:00, Kupala disco 01:00-03:00.

July, 10: the beginning of the program at 14:00, the end at 20:00.

You are awaited by:
  • The unique atmosphere of Ancient Kyiv
  • The rites on Ivan Kupala
  • The horse-trick shows
  • The Kupala divination
  • The burning of a scarecrow
  • The jumps over the bonfire
  • The rest near the Forest lake near the Dytynetz of Kyiv
  • The master-classes on weaving the wreaths and launching them on water
  • The Ivan Kupala traditions
  • An interesting theatric program
  • Authentic ritual chants
  • The mass friendly round dance
  • Contests and games
  • The evening program on the bank of the Forest lake
  • Ivan Kupala divination
You can:
  • Ride the purebred horses
  • Enjoy the dishes of the princely cuisine
  • Weave and launch on water the Kupala wreath
  • Fly over the lake on a rope descent (trolley) the «Big Politaylo»
  • Taste mead vodka and horseradish vodka prepared after the ancient recipes
  • Try on a costume of the Kyivan Rus epoch and make a photo session
  • Have a ride in a carriage harnessed by princely horses
  • Shoot a bow
  • Mint a coin
  • Visit the master-class on medieval weapon possession, Visit the Basyl`s church
  • Learn new on different master-classes
  • Buy souvenirs and other goods on the master`s fair
  • Purify by jumping over the Kupala bonfire

Ancient Kyiv is an ideal place for having a rest with family, friends, beloved person or alone. Here you will get a strong charge of positive, fully plunge into the ancient traditions, feel the energy of the holiday.

Where will it be possible to taste dishes and drinks?
  • In the Princely tavern;
  • In the summer houses;
  • On the Princely tribunes;
  • In the food preparing on open fire areas
Where to stay for the night?

By previous booking you can stay:

  • In a hotel-type house «4 rooms» (5 min walk from Ancient Kyiv ). Room price - 1155 UAH. ДThe house includes: fireplace, banquet and play rooms, 4 luxury double rooms with Wi-Fi, conditioners, shower rooms, plasma).
  • Medieval entourage room (from 550 UAH for room for two persons, from 770 UAH for room for four persons)
  • In a hostel (10 min walk from Ancient Kyiv, 250 UAH per person)
  • At the camping:
    • Installation of your tent - 150 UAH./person
    • *Attention! When spending the night in Ancient Kiev, staying in the territory the next day is FREE! Stay overnight to extend your stay.

Interesting to know:

Ukrainian holidays are distinguished by a special flavor. But even among them there are the most vivid, full of customs, ancient symbolism and of course fun. And probably the most favorite holiday is Ivan Kupala. You ask, when is Ivan Kupala celebrated? Ivan Kupala 2022 is celebrated on July 6 and 7.

The rituals at Ivan Kupala combine ancient pagan rituals and are associated with the name of the Christian Saint John the Baptist; it is widely celebrated in Ukraine. They begin to celebrate in the evening, and the biggest scope of festivities is acquired on the night of Ivan Kupala.

They say that even the dreams of Ivan Kupala are prophetic. But if you are not going to sleep on this magical night, and still choose a place where to celebrate Ivan Kupala, we invite you to celebrate Ivan Kupala 2022 in Ancient Kiev!

The price of the ticket on July 10-11:
Древний Киев

You can buy the tickets at the cash desk of Ancient Kyiv

*One entry ticket operates per person for one day of the event!

Free parking. Entrance for pets- free,
the dogs must be on a leash and muzzled.

Park opens: from 10:00
Start program: at 14:00

**In connection with unpredictable situations, weather conditions, the administration of the Ancient Kyiv can make changes to the content and timing of the program.

Have you already decided where to go in July?
Come to Ancient Kiev in the Principality of Kievan Rus to celebrate Ivan Kupal!

сvill. Kopachiv, Obukhivskiy district, Kyivan region (not far - 34 km from Kyiv)

+38 (044) 461-99-37, +38 (050) 385-20-35