Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park"

About project Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park" is a unique reconstruction of one of the most famous and at the same time the most mysterious medieval city of the Eastern Europe – Ancient Kiev of the V-XIII centuries, the capital of the greatest country - Kievan Rus. It is being reconstructed in the size of its historical center known as Detinets of Kiev or the city of Vladimir in its real scale 1:1, taking into consideration the modern scientific knowledge. For the first time in the mankind’s history, the unique atmosphere of Ancient Kiev and the Kievan Rus is being recreated. The project is being realized in the historically significant place, mentioned in the chronicles, and it most closely matches the landscape and flora of Ancient Kiev in the village Kopachiv (Obukhiv district, Kiev region).

"The Kievan Rus Park" team together with the leading experts in the field of history, architecture, ethnography and culture of various countries created the Master Plan of Detinets of Kiev of the V-XIII centuries on the basis of the scientific data approved by the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

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The scientists involved in the "The Kievan Rus Park" project realization are the most famous scientists of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine and scientific institutions of other countries specialized in the study of archeology, history and architecture of Ancient Kiev and Kievan Rus era. Research manager of the "The Kievan Rus Park" project – Ivakin Glib Yuriyovych – the deputy director of the Institute of Archeology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, professor.

The project is considered and supported by national and international organizations: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev City State Administration, Kiev Regional State Administration, research institutes, embassies of other countries in Ukraine, state institutions of Ukraine and Europe.

Goals and tasks of the project

The main goal of the project is to broaden the worldview of all humanity on meaning, role and influence of Ancient Kiev, the Kievan Rus, Ukraine and all Eastern Europe in the formation and development of the civilization in the past, present and future.

The implementation of these global problems helps to attain the purpose:

  • Reconstruction and building of the medieval city – Ancient Kiev (Detinets of Kiev) of the V-XIII centuries – one of the pillars of the world's cultural heritage, core and historical framework of the East Slavic civilization
  • Appearance of a new tourist "Mecca" of Europe and the world
  • Revival of the cultural and spiritual center, which is by all its powerful great heritage united, unites and will unite the people of Ukraine, Europe and the world
  • Activation of the historical factor that contributes to the warmer atmosphere of mutual understanding and friendship between the Slavic and the people historically associated with them, mutual enriching of cultures
  • Awareness and knowledge of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind – Detinets of Kiev
Architectural Masterpieces Of Ancient Kiev In "The Kievan Rus Park"

The project is implemented by the construction of Detinets of Kiev covering the area of 10 ha. The buildings which existed within the borders of Detinets of the V-XIII centuries are being reconstructed.

Even today visitors can see the outline of Kiev of X century surrounded with fortifications having total height up to 15 meters.

Defensive complex is the masterpiece of medieval architecture, which consists of:

  • the embankment of nine meters (with total length 1.5 km) and partly of the protection ditch
  • the only in the world wooden vallum – the trench parapet with total length 300 m as for today
  • the Michael Gates of the Kievan Detinets with height 21 m

Furthermore, the best examples of medieval town planning were reconstructed:

  • the entrance gates with watch towers
  • the road network of Ancient Kiev
  • the estates of Kievans of XI-XIIІ centuries
  • the shops of Kievan craftsmen of XI-XIII centuries
  • the tower with quarters of XI-XIIІ centuries
  • the Knyaz (Princely) yard and stands
  • the big and small tilting yards
  • the fair of masters
  • the nomad
  • the hill of Perun
  • the cave of Nestor the Chronicler
  • the ambassadors chambers

Expositions of siege mechanisms, historical costumes and armors of V-XIII centuries, musical instruments, museum of ancient vessel building with the unique exhibit item – the boat "Volodymyr the Knyaz (Prince)" of IX-XI centuries – all of them operate here.

On the territory of Detinets-Kremlin of Kiev the following constructions will be reconstructed:

  • The ancient settlement of the V-IX centuries
  • Housing of Prince Kyi
  • Sanctuary-temple
  • Askold’s Palace
  • Palaces at the princely court – Oleg’s, Igor’s, Svyatoslav’s, Olga’s
  • Palace of Prince Vladimir - Hrydnytsya – Michael’s, Sophia’s and Podol Gate
  • Tithe church
  • Vasyli’s church
  • Fedor’s monastery
  • St. Andrew's Church
  • Holy Cross Church
  • Yanchin’s monastery
  • The residence of the Prince "Great Yaroslav’s yard"
  • Boyars’ dwellings, artisan areas and other civilian structures
  • Rotunda of the XII-XIII centuries

The pride of the Park is the First Alive Museum of Historical Breed Horses. The museum contains more than 20 horse breeds, which ancestors were famous thousands years ago and have played the critical role in the process of development of horse breeding in the world. Among those horse breeds you can find Akhal-Teke horses – these were the horses of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Darius the Great and other mighty generals; Arabian horses whose stamina and speed were the subject of amazement of King Solomon; Boulogne horses, whom have their roots right from the times of Ancient Rome; elegant and hot-blooded horses of Andalusian breed – they used to carry Spanish kings on parades, conquistadors conquered the New World on their backs. Visitors can feast their eyes on the exterior of the pearls of the royal stables – Frisians, the favorites of Cossacks – Don breed horses, the pride of Russian – Orlov Trotters, chivalrous Brabancons, cowboy Quarter Horses and plenty other horses.

International culture-historical festivals and championships on ancient sports are being conducted in the Park annually. "The Kievan Rus Park" is the only site where large-scale medieval battles and knights tournaments are reconstructed in authentic entourage, spectacular championships on historical fighting, tournaments of unmounted and mounted bowmen are being conducted, armors of warriors of Ancient Rus’ and medieval knights are being demonstrated. Only here you will see how culture, living conditions and atmosphere of the Kievan Rus are revived.

"The Kievan Rus Park" offers a lot of entertainments for its guests. Here you can test your accuracy skill practicing archery or throwing knifes, hatchets and spears, with your own hands you can stamp a gift coin on the Knyaz (Princely) Mint, hack on pure-blood horses and in high-class carriages, take a part in Slavic games and funs, visit master classes of folk craftsmen and organize a bright photo session in historic costumes.

Our guests will definitely vividly remember original theatrical plays, performances of the horse-trick theater and concerts of the best musical groups playing medieval and ethnical music.

Traditionally celebrations in the Park end with the rich night program that includes a fire show, firing from a trebuchet with burning cannon balls and fantastical fireworks.

Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park" is definitely an ideal place to hold corporate parties, weddings, family events. This Park is very unique by its scale, possibilities and extended experience in holding festivals, theatrical plays, competitions, exhibitions, fairs and mass folk festivals.

It is so good to come to Ancient Kiev with your family, friends or just by yourself. It is not an invitation to a museum, it is a whole different world you can visit. Here you will receive historical experience in practice – not only knowledge, but the feeling of real participation in these events. You can really ‘touch the history’ – hear horse wagon wheels squeaking, hear the sounds of a battle, put on a helmet and chain armor, mount a war horse and shoot from a bow while galloping, smell scent of pottery clay and wooden buildings. Your own historical discoveries are waiting for you.

Turn on your genetic memory and feel what it’s like to be in person a part of Ancient Kiev – the source of culture and nationhood of Ukraine in particularly and countries of Easter Europe in general, the cradle of one of ancient world civilizations that played the key part in the development of humanity.

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