On August, 06 and 07 in Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus a horse-historical festival of the Middle Ages "Bylinas of Ancient Kyiv" will take place. A rich program with the performances based on ancient bylinas, horse shows with the participation of more than 30 horses, the reconstructions of medieval battles, horse-trick performances, a lot of colorful medieval amusements, master-classes, dishes prepared on fire, horse riding and a lot of interesting from the life of the Medievality will be waiting for the guests.

The Principality of Kyivan Rus is a reconstruction with the maximal scientific correspondence of Ancient Kyiv of the V-XIII centuries in its natural size. Only here it is possible to feel the atmosphere of Kyivan Rus filled with the grandeur of victories, the grandeur of medieval buildings and the benevolence of the inhabitants of Ancient Kyiv.

During two festive days the guests of Ancient Kyiv will be awaited by a spectacular theatrical program on historical theme with the participation of a big number of bohatyrs and unique purebred horses. On August, 06 and 07 the program will traditionally start around 14:00 with the solemn opening with the participation of historical characters, the parade of the princely flags and the impressive entry of the horse druzhina.

Thrilling historical show-productions

After on the big tilting-yard of Ancient Kyiv the ancient Slavic bylinas telling about the life of our ancestors in a bright spectacular form will come to life in front of the eyes of the guests. The guests of the festival will see in the spectacular productions a big number of stories from Kyivan Rus history, will deepen their knowledge about the pre-Christian era of our land and will see the legendary historical characters, saints and Kyivan princes, who played crucial roles in the development of our country. Among them there are the founders of Kyiv Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid, saint Andrew, princes Askold, Oleg of Novgorod, Igor, Yaroslav, Svyatoslav, Mstyslav, Volodymyr Monomakh.

Also, the guests will see with their own eyes the recreation of the battles which defined the history of Kyivan Rus. Fearless warriors will put on heavy armor, the weight of which reaches 40 kg, will take real medieval weapon in their hands and will face each other in a real «great battle». Experienced actors-stuntmen will amaze the viewers with spectacular stunts on a horseback and the medieval weapon possession: bow, swords, spears. And also, the guests will see horse cavalcades, fire effects, cavalry fights and graceful horse competitions.

Several tens of horses of rare historical breeds gathered from all around the world in the Princely stable will take part in the performances. Some of them can be seen nowhere else in Ukraine because they have been brought to Ukraine in a single number. All the willing ones can approach to these wonderful animals, palm them, take a photo with, have a ride on a horseback or in a carriage.

On August, 06-07 you are awaited by:
  • The unique atmosphere of Ancient Kyiv
  • Colorful characters of the Middle Ages
  • A show with the amazing horses
  • Horse lava
  • Show-productions about the historical events of Kyivan Rus
  • Spectacular performances of the horse-trick theatre
  • Cavalry fights
  • Horse cavalcades
  • Weapon possession on a horseback
  • The reconstruction of medieval battles
  • Games, flash mobs and contests for the guests
  • Shooting fire balls from the Trebuchet (Sat and Sun)
  • Fire show (Sat)
On august, 06-07 you can:
  • Ride purebred horses
  • Ride in a carriage, harnessed by princely horses
  • Taste medieval dishes in the tavern
  • Taste Slavic tinctures
  • Fly over the lake on a rope descent (trolley) the «Big Politaylo»
  • Shoot a bow
  • Visit the children`s rope cube-labyrinth – «Mousetrap»
  • Enroll in the School of horseback archers
  • Put on a costume of the Kyivan Rus epoch
  • Mint an ancient coin
  • Visit the Basyl`s church
  • Make a product at the potter
  • Put on the princely costumes
  • Learn new things on different master-classes
  • Buy souvenirs and other goods on the master`s fair
  • Visit the museums of historical costume, medieval shipbuilding, wooden architecture
  • Have a rest near the Forest lake

Ancient Kyiv is an ideal place to relax with your family, company, with your loved one or alone. Here you will receive a powerful positive charge, you can fully delve into the ancient traditions, feel the energy of the holiday.

Where will it be possible to taste dishes?
  • In the Princely tavern;
  • In the summer houses;
  • On the Princely tribunes;
  • In the food preparing on open fire areas
Where to stay for the night?

By previous booking you can stay:

  • In a hotel-type house «4 rooms» (5 min walk from Ancient Kyiv ). Room price - 1050 UAH. ДThe house includes: fireplace, banquet and play rooms, 4 luxury double rooms with Wi-Fi, conditioners, shower rooms, plasma).
  • Medieval entourage room (from 500 UAH for room for two persons, from 700 UAH for room for four persons)
  • In a hostel (10 min walk from Ancient Kyiv, 220 UAH per person)
  • At the camping:
    • Installation of your tent - 100 UAH.
    • *Attention! When spending the night in Ancient Kiev, staying in the territory the next day is FREE! Stay overnight to extend your stay.

The price of the tickets:
Древний Киев

You can buy the tickets at the cash desk of Ancient Kyiv

*One entry ticket operates per person for one day of the event!

Free parking. Entrance for pets- free,
the dogs must be on a leash and muzzled.

Park opens: from 10:00
Start program: at 14:00

**In connection with unpredictable situations, weather conditions, the administration of the Ancient Kyiv can make changes to the content and timing of the program.

Looking for a place to relax with your company?
The historical festival "Bylinas of Ancient Kyiv" is ideal for active, informative and simply wonderful relaxation.