Interactive with guests "Sky horses"

Rest in Ancient Kiev
Dates: 08 February 2020 - 09 February 2020
Park open: 10:00 - 18:00

Place: Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus  |  City: Kopachiv, Ukraine

On Februaty, 08-09 Ancient Kyiv, the capital of the Principality of Kyivan Rus, invites to plunge into the incredible and thrilling world of the Middle Ages. Not into some foreign one but in the times of greatness and prosperity of our state, named Rus, the capital of which was glorious Kyiv. The guests are awaited by the masterpieces of medieval wooden architecture – the defensive walls, Michael`s gate about 21 meters hegh (and it is nearly as a modern 7-storey building !), princely tribunes and the Terem of Yaroslav, the Basyl`s church, the mansions of Kyiv residents and others which will surprise every connoisseur of architectural structures.

architecture detinec

Not only architecture will surprise this day because the prince of Kyiv Volodymyr has also prepared an entertaining program which will be interesting for both children and adults. This weekend 's feature will be that the visitors of Ancient Kyiv will have a possibility not only to enjoy the show but also to take direct part in the master-classes on horse care, horse riding and trick riding basics, bow shooting on a horseback, talk to the instructors and ask questions about the features of every horse breed.

The Principality of Kyivan Rus calls for familirization with the beautiful and strong horses from the Princely stable to an interactive program with the guests. The horses in all their beauty will appear in front of the eyes of the visitors. Just imagine, some of the breeds representatives were brought to Ukraine in a single number. Such a big variety of different horses in one place can be seen only in Ancient Kyiv and only during this exhibition.

koni zima
amphitheater zima

The guests of the Principality will learn about the origin of the breeds, will get a chance to have a ride on a horseback or in a carriage. The horses can be palmed, taken a photo with. And, by the way, the horses will be not only the live exhibits but also the actors of the horse-trick theatre, surely, in a tandem with the actors-people. Experienced riders will demonstrate their horse control and medieval weapon possession skills.

photo s loshadkami
gosti zima

Apart from this, the guests of Ancient Kyiv will have an opportunity to walk the streets of the reconstructed city, observe the expositions of historical costume and armor, medieval shipbuilding, wooden architecture, buy a souvenir in the Princely souvenir shop.

It will be possible to amuse yourself with riding on a horseback or in a carriage, visit the healer-fortune-teller, turn into the inhabitants of Ancient Kyiv by putting on the costumes from the historical costume-room.

A feeling of adrenaline for the guests will be provided by the fascinating zipline Politailo, on which everyone can not only descend from a height, but also fly over the lake and the high-speed slide “Zmiy Gorynych”, after which it will be possible to take a picture with a fire-breathing dragon.
poletailo 01
poletailo 03
zmii gorynych
And of course, you can taste delicious dishes from princely cooks in the Princely Tavern and in the open air food points and in arbors.
keytering table appointments
keytering waiter
Also you can stay for the night in the hotel-type house «4 rooms», which is situated in a five-minutes walk from the Detinetz of Kyiv or in the hostel.

*More information about accommodation: + 38050-385-20-35.

nov skazka 12
Gather a big company, because together it's more fun! Come and take photos and be sure to share your impressions and photos in social networks.

You will see:

  • Princely stable where you can ride a horse;
  • Fortune-teller;
  • An exposition of shipbuilding, where you can see the only reconstruction of the boat of Kievan Rus in the world (which also took part in a scientific expedition);
  • Dance flash mobs;
  • Trick riding;
  • Torture reconstruction, where you can take pictures in a debt hole or at the shackles;
  • Forest lake for outdoor recreation;
  • Gift shop and amulets of Kievan Rus;
  • Round dances with the guests.

More information: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

Book tickets: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

You can buy tickets at the cash in the Park

*One ticket is valid for one person for one day of the event!

*Discounts can not be combined with other discounts and promotions Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park".

The price of admission includes

  1. View entertainment program throughout the day, including the equestrian theater performances
  2. Participation in the game programs for children and adults
  3. Participated in master classes of oriental dance and possession of medieval weapons
  4. Visiting the museum of historical costume
  5. Overview exhibitions Park (siege equipment, reconstruction of combat rook IX-XI centuries. "Prince Vladimir")
  6. Parking
  7. WC
  8. Other activities, declared the announcer during the day

The program may change!


+38044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
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Theatrical program
13:30 - 17:00
Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus
Kopachiv, Ukraine

Ancient Kiev location


Ancient Kiev location



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