We work every day. Every weekend – entertaining program

Rest in Ancient Kiev
Date: 03 March 2020
Park open: 10:00 - 17:00

Place: Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park"  |  City: Kopachov, Obukhov district, Ukraine

Ancient Kiev work every day, every weekend – an entertaining program!

Ancient Kiev in the «Kievan Rus Park» is open everyday. If you are looking forward to a travel to Ukraine and willing your trip to Ukraine to become unforgettable, you should obligatory visit the unique historical-entertaining complex Ancient Kiev in the «Kievan Rus Park», which is situated in the village of Kopachiv, Obukhiv district, Kiev region. Arriving is possible as with your own transport as with a route taxi, which leaves on weekends from the Vydybitchi metro station beginning from 10:00 a.m. (check the route taxi timetable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Reviews about Ancient Kyiv the Park in different languages - HERE.


Please note that on weekdays there is an opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of architecture. Locations, excursions, museums and catering on weekdays work only with prior arrangement with the administration of the Principality on tel. +38 (050) 385-20-35.

What is Ancient Kiev in the «Kievan Rus Park»?

Arriving in Ancient Kiev in the «Kievan Rus Park», you will visit Ukraine of the Хth c. because exactly here the city of Kiev of the V-XIII c. – the capital of the Kievan Rus – in a scale of 1:1 is being reconstructed. The scientifical project of the city of Kiev in the size of the prince Volodymyr`s city (Хth с.) reconstruction on the territory of nearly 30 ha. has no analogues in the world. It is the unique reconstruction of a medieval city in full-size. Among all medieval Ukrainian cities namely Kiev became the cradle of statehood on the lands of nowaday Ukraine. And more on, the Kievan Rus state in those times united not only the lands of present-day Ukraine but also the territories of nowaday Russia and Belarus. And the life in those long-ago days will be demonstrated in the «Kievan Rus Park», which is one of the most interesting kiev tourist attractions.

first gate
holm peruna
dom juvelira

Princely stable and the live museum of the historical horse species

The princely stable is located near the «Kievan Rus Park». Visit purebred horses, communicate with them, have a ride. Here we have over 20 horse species, whose ancestors were known thousands of years ago and played the decisive role in the horse-breeding industry development in the world. The Akhal-Teke horses – the horses of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Darius the Great and other mighty generals; Arabian horses whose stamina and speed were the subject of amazement of King Solomon; Boulogne horses, whom have their roots right from the times of Ancient Rome; elegant and hot-blooded horses of Andalusian breed that used to carry Spanish kings on parades and with which conquistadors conquered the New World on their backs are among them. Visitors can feast their eyes on the exterior of the pearls of the royal stables – Frisians, the favorites of Cossacks – Don breed horses, the pride of Russians – Orlov Trotters, chivalrous Brabancons, cowboy Quarter Horses and plenty other horses. When Travelling to Ukraine obligatory travel to Kiev of the Хс. in the «Kievan Rus Park» in order to visit the Live horse museum.

free horse2
hores theater
horse parade

What is it possible to see and do in the «Kievan Rus Park»?

In the «Kievan Rus Park» you will get into the past – in 1000 years ago and see medieval Kiev.

On weekdays you will get a possibility to get pleasure from the wooden architecture of the city,walk the city roads. By previous arrangement it is possible to ask for an excursion in Engish about Ancient Kiev, to visit the museums of medieval costumes, wooden architecture, shipbuilding and siege equipment exposition (ukrainian catapult and trebushets, battering ram), to ride horses or in carriages, shoot bows and rest for the night.

On weekends in the «Kievan Rus Park» a cultural entertaining program takes place. Beginning at 13:30 and till the evening the Ancient Kiev guests are awaited by theatrical programs, horse-trick shows, ancient Slavic traditions and customs, flashmobs and games. The "Kievan Rus Park" offers a great amount of entertainment to the guests. Every weekend it is possible to try out your bow shooting or knives, axes, spears throwing skills, to stamp with your own hands a souvenir coin in the princely coin yard, to make a horse walk on purebred horses and in elite carriages, to take part in Slavic games and amusements, to visit master-classes of folk craftsmen and also arrange a colorful photosession in medieval dresses. Among all the things to do in kiev especially these master-classes will stay in your mind more than anything!

sport mech
strelba iz luka

Nutrition and accomodation

None of the kiev restaurants can compare with the «Happy Varangian» korchma, which is made in the viking style. The interior will amaze you with the astonishing bear, lynx, wolf pelt, medieval shields and swords, helmets, ukraine medieval armour. And princely cooks will offer you as the medieval dishes, as also the ukrainian food.

If you wish to stay for the night, it is not necessary to look for hotels in kiev, because you can stay on the territory of «The Kievan Rus Park», in unique medieval rooms, in an up-to-date comfortable hotel-like house, in a hostel or in camping.

The «Kievan Rus Park» is one of the most important places to visit in Ukraine. And if you are thinking about what to visit in Kiev – don’t doubt and plan a real time travel. You will be amazed!

Embark on a journey through time to Ancient Kyiv. Always glad to see you!

* Order tour possible 3 days before the visit by phone administrator +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

As for the Park Service during the week (organization of corporate and family parties, weddings, accommodation, visits to museums, rent barbecue) to contact the administrator by phone +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

Book tickets by phone right now: +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35

Admission ticket
100,00 UAH
Children's ticket
(school-age children)
60,00 UAH
Preschool children

Also have free entrance - children's homes and boarding schools, invalids I and II groups, disabled children, participants and veterans of World War II, members of hostilities, members of ATO (upon presentation of relevant certificate).

In case of return ticket on the initiative of the buyer, its value is retained commission of 8%, which can not be returned to the buyer.

*Discounts can not be combined with other discounts and promotions Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park".

The price of admission includes

  1. Overview exhibitions Park (siege equipment, reconstruction of combat rook IX-XI centuries. "Prince Vladimir")
  2. Parking
  3. WC


+38044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ancient Kiev in "The Kievan Rus Park"
Kopachov, Obukhov district, Ukraine

Ancient Kiev location


Ancient Kiev location



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